The Ka-Booth Photobooth


Why is the Ka-Booth photobooth so awesome??
    - because I made it myself!

Why do the photos look so darn good??
    1. The camera is a Canon T1i DSLR. No cell-phone-quality crapcam in this thing.
    2. The ultra-awesome studio flash
    3. The photo-lab quality professional dye-sublimation printer!

Why do I seem to have more fun in the Ka-Booth??
    1. You can't see the computer/printer/camera as independent elements. It feels like an old school photobooth
    2. The attendant does not have to constantly babysit the booth.
    3. It prints 2x6 strips. DOUBLE 2x6 strips. Like a real photobooth but DOUBLE. No lame 4x6 lameness.
    4. Only about 1 minute per session means the action will be NON-STOP!